Monday, July 21, 2008

Good news and not so good news....need prayers please!

Well, this wasn't supposed to be a blog about me, but I did want to share this. The good news is that we finally found a good NaProTechnology Medical Consultant in our state trained in the Creighton Fertility Method. He called me tonight, asked me a lot of questions, gave me some good advice, and told me he can help treat my endometriosis without using birth control or Lupron and try to help us treat the infertility without using any technologies to try to concieve a child outside of the marriage act, which was a BIG concern to us (As much as we want children, we never want to do anything that will offend God or cause us to lose Heaven.) We have a tentative appointment on August 1st.

The not so good news though is that he told me straight out that his oldest patient with endometriosis who was able to have children was 39 and he recommended getting rid of Ed's cat due to my allergies and asthma! Ed is pretty fond of that cat. It is his buddy. Poor Ed!

<----will be 42 on August 2nd so I guess our dream of someday having a child of our own is fading fast and we will need to look more into adoption or foster care (We've already attended a meeting at Catholic Charities, but it is quite expensive to adopt and they said you have to be married for three years!)

I am feeling very hopeful that this doctor can help us treat the endometriosis because it's pretty painful and over the counter meds like Midol do not help very much!

If you could pray that this doctor will be able to help us and acceptance of God's will for us, we would really appreciate it. Thanks!

P.S. Even though the doctor told us the chances of us being able to have our own child are pretty slim, I'm still going to continue praying the rosary, to St. Anne, St. Gianna, ect. for a miracle! Remember, NOTHING is impossible with God - He CAN do anything!



Jamie said...

Continued prayers for you Maria!

I love the picture of you by your profile, how beautiful you look on your wedding day! Pictures bring people closer don't they? It's nice to finally see you!

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Dear Maria,

I am pleased to hear you are in contact with a Napro doctor, as you said, anything is possible with God, praying this doctor will be able to help you. God Bless! Anne

Sharon said...

I have endometriosis too. Good luck with your new options. I have heard of that treatment and if nothing else, it should successfully relieve the pain. If you are unable to conceive, please consider adoption, especially foster to adopt. We have been blessed with 5 children through foster to adopt and I can only tell you from my experience how incredibly rewarding and fulfilling it has been.

allyouwhohope said...

How wonderful that you've found a NaPro consultant near you! I believe NaPro and PPVI offer women the absolute best chance at conceiving. And don't worry too much about what he said about his oldest patient. I'm sure you could find many other success stories of women your age and older. Remember, everything is possible with God!

The Apostolate of Hannah's Tears said...

Hi Maria Therese!

Your blog is beautiful!!! Keeping you lifted in prayer. I wanted you to know that your blog site has been listed on the post that was written this week for Infertility. You are a beautiful soul filled with much grace and hope in the example of God's love.

May our dear Lord bring many more souls our way, that our journey would be filled with great encouragement.

Our prayers are with you and all those who visit your site.

God Bless You!
The Apostolate of Hannah's Tears

Annie said...

Marie you are in my prayers. Our stories are very similar. I will also be 42 this year and am struggling with endo and IF. I am actually going to Omaha this year to work directly with Dr. Hilgers because I feel like i am running out of time. BTW I am a former member of St. Raphael (a success story!) and recognize you from there.

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

I am SO HAPPY you found a NaPro Dr near you!! And I pray every single night that these Drs are able to help all of their patients to achieve a pregnancy, so it won't be too hard to add your Dr to the list :)

GL at your appt- I hope you are as "enlightened" as I was at my 1st NaPro appt. God Bless!