Monday, March 2, 2009

Today was our 1st appointment with a new surgeon!

Today hubby and I had a consult with a new surgeon who is an endometriosis expert. He agreed to do my second surgery. When I gave him my first surgery report, he shook his head and said the same thing that my napro doctor did: that the first surgeon didn't do a great job and all he did was drain the cysts (He told me that if cysts aren't completely removed, they can grow back! I am fairly certain they have grown back, because I often feel pain near my ovaries!) He reassured me that he would remove all the remaining cysts, endometriosis, and adhesians.

He also said that even though the first surgeon couldn't do the surgery through my belly, he thought he can. He said he never had to do an open surgery on an endo patient. He told me I would only need two weeks out of work this time.

This guy seems to know and understand how to deal with endo. He wants to give hubby and I the best chance of being able to conceive. They will be calling within the next few days to give me a surgery date. Before I left the office they told me my surgery date will probably be in April. The surgeon will also perform a HSG during the procedure, which will check to see if my tubes are blocked. If they are blocked, he told me he will be able to unblock them!!

Hubby and I both remarked today that we wish we had been referred to this new surgeon eighteen months ago!

Finally! I'm going to be rid of this pain AND I might even be able to conceive a child eventually too!I feel very hopeful!

May I please ask for prayers? I feel a little nervous about needing surgery again, but I feel very hopeful too!

May God Bless you.



Anne (aussieannie) said...

Blessed update Maria, I'll keep you in my prayers for a very good outcome!

Life In Mazes said...

My prayers are with you!

Anonymous said...

Many prayers for you! This is such an encouraging update! Praise God!

Ann said...

Maria, what wonderful news! I will pray for the success of your surgery. Please keep Paul and I in your prayers, we're recovering from really rough bouts of the flu!

Anonymous said...

Wondering if you've gotten a date for surgery yet?