Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My New Anti-endometriosis Diet

It's now been almost two weeks from the laparoscopy and I'm feeling pretty good. The pain from the three incisions are just about gone. They are healing nicely. I'm not spotting anymore and feeling like raw hamburger meat inside. I think the worst side effect from the laparoscopy was the painful gas attacks especially when I needed to ahem, make a visit to the bathroom. But I was told by husband after the procedure on April 1st that the surgeon told him I had a lot of endometriosis stage four as well as adhesians and he did a lot of cleaning out. I have a strong suspicion that the surgeon found some endometriosis near my bladder and bowels and did some cleaning out there, which explains the painful gas attacks whenever I had to go number two. I will have a chance next week on Tuesday April 21st to ask him this and many other questions when I have my post op appointment.

I'm also wondering, is it common to lose weight after surgery? I have lost six pounds since the surgery! My husband seems to think that it's from all the endometriosis and adhesians being removed. It could be my new anti-endometriosis diet. I bought a whole bunch of books on endometriosis before my surgery. The most helpful ones and the ones I highly recommend to others suffering from endometriosis are the following:

Alternative Medicine Guide: Women's Heath Series Volume 1

Natural Treatment Of Fibroid Tumors and Endometriosis

Fibroid Tumors & Endometriosis Self Help Book

Recipes For The Endometriosis Diet

Reclaim Your Life ...Your Guide to Aid Healing of Endometriosis

If you can only purchase a couple, I especially recommend the last two books!

Basically the kind of diet recommended for endometriosis is a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Eating meat especially ham and red meat, dairy, wheat, eggs, sugar, and caffeine is NOT recommended for those of us with endometriosis.

If you are interested and want to find out more about this diet, I recommend visiting the following website, which has been very helpful to me. On a side note: the owner of this website is the author of the last two books listed above.


The challenge for me is I will be returning to work in a few days. I am a teacher at a pre-school. I have been teaching for almost twenty one years now (Not in the same place. Nineteen years at a pre-school in my hometown before marriage and almost two years at a new pre-school in my new city where I moved to after getting married on June 16th 2007.)and the pre-school where I work serves a hot lunch every day, which always includes dairy and meat. The teachers are encouraged to eat with the children. I am resolved to stick to this anti- endometriosis diet to try to prevent it from returning (Believe me, having to undergo a surgery every year does NOT appeal to me at all!). However it looks like at work I will be drinking water, Chrystal Light, and fruits and vegetables. I might have to bring food from home in case I get hungry. Also, I wonder is popcorn okay to eat? I LOVE popcorn! I will have to look that up in the book. I suspect popcorn is okay because of the fiber content.

Okay, so that's what I am doing now. My Napro doctor wants me to continue eating healthy, take the Naltrexone every night, Vitamin D, Magnesium, exercise, and try to lose some weight. My goal here is to be healthy, heal my body, try to do everything I can to prevent the pain and endometriosis from returning, and try to conceive.

Two questions:

1) What liquids do you recommend? I am not a fan of plain water. I like the flavored kind. Any suggestions on healthy things I can add to water? Any recipes for healthy drinks? I'd love to hear what works for you! Thanks!

2) Hubby and I are usually out and about on the weekends. I'm ashamed to admit it, but McDonalds used to be a favorite place for us to stop at for lunch on the go. What can I purchase at a fast food place that is healthy and filling, which won't deter from my anti-endometriosis diet? Again, hamburgers and soft drinks are a big no-no according to this diet. If anybody has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Thank you so much!

May God Bless you.

MT :)


SBCE said...

Dear MT,

Thanks for posting on my blog! I read your diet information with interest. And OUCH we have a fridge full of leftover Easter ham.

One thing my husband and I do is splash a bit of juice (like Northland Cranberry juice) into water to give it a bit of flavor. Either that or squeeze some lemon into it.

I didn't conceive until I went on Weight Watchers and lost 25 pounds. I had to throw out all my favorite junk foods to accomplish such a goal. I was at the point where I was in need of new clothes, and I ended up having to buy them at the maternity shops!

JellyBelly said...

thanks so much for the tips on the books! i was given a couple of books (by duck who is on my blogroll) recently and one of the books focuses on the endo diet. since i also have ulcerative colitis my diet is already limited, luckily a lot of the foods that bother my colitis also aggravate endo.

i see my naturopath tomorrow so hopefully she will have some helpful and natural tips on how to deal with endo.

i definitely recommend yoga. i've been practicing for almost ten years and it has totally helped me, mentally and physically.

i'm a grade one teacher and i try to model healthy eating to my class. i've been eating not so healthy foods for snack with them, but i know now that i have to start eating more fruits and veggies at school too!

i find sparkling water easier to drink than just still water, although i do drink A LOT of water. green tea, hot or cold, is also good. i found slices of lemon, lime or even cucumber in the water helps as well. i find that every lent when i give up pop i lose some weight (although i have no idea how much since our scale is on the fritz!).

prayerfuljourney said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Thanks for the words of encouragement on my own blog. I've been reading others talk about their lap experiences and I'm a little freaked. Yikes! I have to drive two hours to a class that I am taking five days after the surgery. I won't be lifting or anything so I'm hoping I can handle a long drive. I have to go to the class or I delay graduating. So...Lord willing...I will be okay and pursue my studies.
Anyways...gosh...I eat pork, some red meat and a lot of chicken...I drink dairy and love cheese. I'm in trouble. I think about that liquid diet I have to do for a day before the surgery and I get hungry thinking about it! Haa..So thanks for sharing that information on endo diets....if I were to do all the diets that would be good for me...I'd basically be starving myself. Fruits and veggies are good but they are not filling. I like foods with fiber...cereals, high fiber breads...things that fill. Milk and cheese fill. Meat is filling too. I really just try to do everything in moderation. I just know if I gave all that up..it wouldn't be a lifetime thing. Anyway, glad to hear you are feeling better...Blessings...
Oh...I am working on putting the surgery in the Lord's hands...he'll give me the strength to get through it all and heal. Amen

Anonymous said...

I think I am the one who recommended endo-resolved to you...DO NOT DRINK CRYTAL LIGHT, i implore you...it has bad stuff in it, artificial sweeteners...if you can't buy it at whole foods, don't put it in your body!!!!!

if you still have pelvic pain, i'd avoid cranberry juice (see pelvicpain.org)

see endometriosis.org and stick to your endo diet! i have learned to love plain water
green tea can also contribute to pelvic pain, so tread lightly and check all things that you can...

make sure to drink vitamin c in some form (i love alacer)...good for healing...take everything very slow...

i also make sure i take a lycopene supplement (to help with adhesions, it's said) and pycnogenol....

avoid excess sugar!

ooh! i have one more bit of info

if you want to conceive, these hints should make you want to stick to the new plan :)



for each of those posts, look at the bottom to see the relevant info

oh, and i think i posted the info or the book title or site, by marilyn shannon, about fertility and nutrition

Anonymous said...

ps. as much as i'd like to think removing endo and adhesions can take away 6 pounds! i don't think it's that..i think it could be fluid lost, perhaps your body is burning up more calories to heal...i too noticed a little weight loss, because i watched my diet to NOT gain weight from being sedentery...but it can come back!

Anonymous said...

read your post again...to be honest, if i were you, i'd never eat at a mcdonald's again, or not more than once a month...with even the veggies and fruits i think they spray not such great stuff on them...do you have a panera's, or any kind of fresh food kind of place, like fresh express ??? or can't remember...

if you can't stand regular water (and i have gotten so used to it, i love it - and i used to be a ton of coffee a day person!), you might add the alacer vitamin c, available at so many stores...google it...my cvs has it, drugstore.com has it. whole foods is where i first saw it...

i love the pink lemonade flavor, and cranberry and .......it's an instant packet of fizzy stuff that makes water delightful and healthy! i swear by it!

if you could, please say a prayer for me if any of these things help you :) God knows who I am :)

Praying for Hope said...

Drinks - Sparkling water mixed with fruit juice is a nice alternative to plain water. And tea - decaf, of course.

McDonalds - Fruit and Walnut Salad. I'd say the fruit and yogurt parfait aren't bad either, but if you're avoiding dairy, it's a no go.

No wheat products at all, even whole wheat? Because of the gluten?

Stacy said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog - I will pray for you and I will post some verses for those who are waiting....probably next week.

He has NOT forgotten you - His plan is just unfolding in His time. I too will pray that God will move your mountain...just be ready for whatever that looks like :)

Anonymous said...

See how you can not use the drug ...
Naltrexone is an opioid receptor antagonist used primarily in the management of alcohol dependence and opioid dependence.

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Looks like you are on the track to a endo-free, healthy body and restored fertility! Hooray!!

As for suggestions, I love water with lemon. It's so simple, but makes the water SO much yummier, imo. Lime also works. I'm also a sucker for half-iced tea, half-lemonades (unsweetened), but you might want to stick to decaf.

As for fast food, I hate it myself, but I've heard that Wendy's has some healthy options- including nice salads. If it's about quickness, then you may want to try just stopping in a grocery store and getting a pre-packed meal, like an egg salad, regular salad, etc. I think that's a healthier, but just as quick, option.

Best of luck to you with the new diet! I'm excited to see youer progress!!

My Endo Journey said...

Hello! I just found your blog. Just wanted to say good luck with the diet. And, nice to "meet" you. I'm 28 and suffer from stage IV endo. Also a fellow Catholic.

Nicole said...

Hey there. Sorry it has taken me so long to come over and write. You asked about the following questions on my blog

1. I was wondering, are you taking any prescribed medicine or supplements to prevent the endometriosis from returning? Dr. Hilgers has never prescribed anything for me along those lines. After the surgery he did say he was able to remove everything... maybe thats why? In my case he did say he has less than a 3% chance of it coming back. Sorry I couldn't be more help with this question.

2. Are you on any special endometriosis diet to prevent it from coming back? This too, nothing that he directed. But I am enjoying reading about the resources you have found.

3. Maybe we could encourage each other and exchange tips? Would love to!

After talking with Dr. Hilgers in May when we first found out I was suffering from endo, there was never talk of additional surgeries to keep it cleaned out. But proper diet would sure help me continue to do better.

Hope this helps!

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Anonymous said...

Did you find out if pop corn was ok?