Monday, May 11, 2009

Does Taking Progesterone Suppositories Worsen Asthma?

I am still trying to focus on getting healthy, eating better, and doing some exercise. Unfortunately due to perhaps sheer laziness, having previous low energy due to probably the endometriosis, and moderate persistent asthma, I'm not very good at exercising. However before I was married in June 2007, Leslie Sansone's books and dvds were recommended to me. I bought both her books and her "Walk At Home" DVDs. I am now doing her two mile walk DVD every other day. I am finding that after work I'm looking forward to doing the 30 minute DVD and it's getting easier to do. I'm also discovering that I'm losing weight faster by doing this DVD.

Last July 31st 2008 before my first visit with my new Napro doctor, I weighed about 176 pounds. Now I weigh about 149 pounds. My goal is to reach at least 145 by the time of my next visit to my Napro doctor on June 19th.

By the way, I spoke by phone to my Napro doctor and told him how my menses never arrived during the first month after my surgery (April 1st). He asked me if I had any fertile signs and I told him "No, my chart is now full of green stamps." He told me that he thinks the absence of my menses is due to the stress of my surgery. He advised me to take my lovely progesterone suppositories for ten days and my menses should show up a few days after I stop taking them. But if it doesn't show up, then I might have to go in for some blood tests.

Could you please pray for me that my cycle returns to normal? I would really appreciate it so much! Thanks! Hubby and I are still hoping and praying that we will be blessed with a child so we really need my cycle to return to normal soon! I am trying hard not to stress out and worry about this, but it's not easy especially when my forty third birthday is just around the corner (August 2nd)..

Also, do any of you ladies have asthma and take progesterone especially the suppositories? Do you find that your asthma worsens while on the progesterone? Or is it just me?

Another question - have any of you ladies been prescribed progesterone for awhile, were taken off them for awhile, and had blood tests done which showed that your progesterone levels improved? Just wondering.

I feel better generally while taking the progesterone, BUT it seems to make my asthma worsen while taking it. When I stop taking it there is a big improvement in my breathing about 24 hours after I stop taking it. I'm wondering, is it the progesterone that is making my asthma worsen? Is there anything I can take naturally through food or supplements which would improve my progesterone levels? Any help on this would be appreciated! Thanks!

Praying for you all in my daily rosary and for all your intentions.

May God Bless you!

MT :)


JellyBelly said...

i didn't have any problems with progesterone and my asthma. before i was put on HCG injections i was taking progesterone by lozenge that had to be dissolved between my gums and cheek. the only side effects that i had was tiredness and sore boobs.

what medications are you on for your asthma? mine has been bothering me because of the start of allergy season. i've been on s.ingulair for about 7 years and it's changed my life! i also take f.lovent which i increase when allergy season starts.

perhaps you're allergic to something that the progesterone is suspended in? you should definitely call your pharmacist or doctor and ask. i've had many, many allergic reactions to medications and it isn't fun!

Praying for Hope said...

I wish I could give you input on asthma and pregesterone, but I haven't had experience with either. I wanted to let you know that I'm praying for normal cycles to start again.

prayerfuljourney said...

I can't answer anything about the prog and asthma however the prog didn't do much for me. I don't know about blood wise (my napro dr didn't test) however both the pills and suppositories made me neauseaus. Ugh! As you may remember I just had my lap surgery last week (check my blog for what the dr found) and I stared a period like thing last Friday. Did you have any bleeding after surgery. I did the day of, it stopped for about a day and a half and then my "period" started. The dr warned me about this. So I wasn't concerned. I'm interested in the endo diet though. I don't want the endo back!!! Gosh...I'm just trying to figure out what I can eat (besides fruit and veggies) that I can keep up with for the rest of my life. I don't know how to get away from eating wheat or dairy! I hope the prog works in getting your period started so you and your DH can start TTC again! Many blessings.

prayerfuljourney said...

Oh.....congrats on losing so much weight! How long did it take you? I love Lesli.e's walk at dvd's. She 's quite entertaining and energetic. Once I feel up to it...I'll be doing those dvd's again. They helped in getting me in shape.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prayers, I need them....I found that when it was close to my period, when progesterone levels would go down, I'd have more allergy might try something homeopathic in whole foods or other health stores and see if it helps...

quercetin and bromelain are supposed to help, too, along with lots of vitamin c...

i too was wondering about what the progesterone is in...

i'd be careful about taking allergy meds, some of them have steroids and might throw your period off

do you take pain meds? i know i've read of some sites where they mention what pain meds can throw your cycle off

the supplements, oral and vaginal, bothered me a lot - i use sublingual tabs, which i want to check the dose on these kinds of things, different forms get absorbed differently...

don't stress about your period....enjoy the time of not getting it :) i understand what you're saying, but the 3 three periods after my most recent lap were some of the most painful body had not yet healed and i went through some rough

have you had sonograms before, to check the thickness of your lining? i was wondering how different docs do things...

have you had your estradiol levels checked? were they 'normal'?

does your napro doc let you have soy? wondering about that also...i think you should take things slow, and see how the progesterone works, but i'll tell you, last year, i had some soy milk every day, and my period was very regular (day-wise - i get it every month, but sometimes it doesn't make it to 4 weeks)...then i stopped the soy milk, because of the things said about it - guess what, i got my period twice in one month! coincidence? i don't know, but really, it is supposed to have helped some's phytoestrogens...

i went back to the soy, and my period was normal again

oh! and do you take things like evening primrose oil, vitamin e and fish oil?

finally, there's a product that's supposed to help women with different problems, i've been taking it every day now for the last several weeks - check the info out at


Anonymous said...

when i said the supplements bothered me, i meant that they bothered my stomach

i also meant, when i was younger, before progesterone, i had bad problems with astham / allergies etc - the progesterone has helped them, thankfully

that site is important, especially as i said, some things for cold may not be so great for trying to conceive

Anonymous said...

this looks like an interesting product, i wonder if vitacost or vitaminshoppe has this...they carry estrosense

cutting out wheat does help with the allergies, and sugar also

Anonymous said...

these are some supplements that help, i just listened to a program and can't down load it to copy here

you could try going here, and click on 'food for thought' - open link - it will play a radio program that's great

oh darn, my cut and paste is not working - ok, i'll try later

i don't have the patience right now to type the address either, sorry

but here are the supplements that help, vitamn d, a, c, quercetin, rutin, i think that's it...