Friday, May 8, 2009

My computer died and now I'm going through withdrawal!

Bad news! This afternoon while I was surfing friends blogs, my computer decided to die on me. I tried fixing the darn thing by turning it off and on, checking to make sure everything was plugged in, ect. but it wouldn't boot back up. I was so upset. Luckily for me, my husband is a computer technician. He checked it out, noticed a burning smell, and announced it's either the power supply or the motherboard. I sobbed to the poor husband "Oh no! What about all my data? I have several years worth of digital pictures on there, my fiction writing, my e-books, my e-mails, everything!" and "Honey, race you to the car! Let's go right now to 'Best Buy' to buy a power supply!" but Ed shook his head at me. He says he already spent too much money on my six year old computer and he'd rather just buy a new computer, probably a lap top. "Great! Let's hop in the car and go to 'Best Buy' right now!" Again, dear hubby shook his head at me. "No Maria, we will order it online. It's cheaper that way." I replied "Um okay, but how long will it take to arrive if we order this thing online?" Ed responded "Depends. Probably a few days." I answered brightly "Great! Let's go online right now on your work laptop and order it right away!" Ed just gave me a look and exclaimed "Wow, you really are addicted, aren't you?" Yes, yes, I really want my computer, my data, ect. Waaaaaaaaah!

And now after all that sobbing over my dumb computer, I have a BIG headache! Advil PM here I come! What in the world am I going to do without my computer? I love to go online, write on my blog, check out my friend's blogs, check my emails, ect.? I'm going to go through withdrawal! Waaaaaaah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I guess I'm really addicted!


Anonymous said...

Addicted? no :) But I went w/o my computer a couple of weeks ago, and realized how it adds to my life :)

you'll be back online in no time, and I do think even in these little things, God lets us learn new things (also, I wonder about computers - do they affect our bodies in any real bad way?)

Anonymous said...

great article :)