Saturday, June 6, 2009

If you have endometriosis or pcos, you should consider purchasing this book!

Well, no big surprise here, but it doesn't look like we are pregnant again this month (I took another pregnancy test and again, it was negative! When that test seemed to smirk at me with it's so maddening "Not pregnant" message I felt like throwing the whole box into the dumpster! LOL! I feel like the words "Barren as a stone" should be stamped across my forehead though!). However rather than sit here on my somewhat still moderate size botton LOL and feel sorry for myself, maybe I can help and encourage other women instead! I can also pray for you too!

This past week I ordered the new 4th edition of Marilyn Shannon's book "Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition". I LOVE this book and so far haven't been able to put it down!
In the new edition she has very helpful, updated, and expanded information about different disorders and causes of infertility such as age related infertility, secondary infertility, endometriosis (which I was diagnosed with and had two surgeries so far), pcos, luteal phase defect (which I also was diagnosed with and is related to endometriosis by the way), different thyroid conditions, male infertility, ect., a definition what each disorder is, what may cause it, nutrition recommendations to improve each disorder, what vitamin and supplements may help it, and lots more.

This book and it's recommendations have already proved well worth the $12.89 price tag I paid for it at! Since devouring all the information in the book, I have already and am in the process of trying to improve my diet, ordering the vitamins she recommends for ladies suffering from endometriosis and luteal phase defect, and looking into where I can purchase the supplements recommended.

If you suffer from infertility, endometriosis, luteal phase defect, pcos, a thyroid condition, age related infertility, secondary infertility, ect. I highly recommend this most excellant book! I pray it helps you as much as it has already helped me! I love you, Marilyn Shannon and thank you for writing this book!


Anonymous said...

i usually recommend that book to people, glad you like it...the doctor that taught me nfp told me about general, for women's health...i think i posted it here some time ago

do you ever use those ovulation tests?

this is a great site, they'll send you updates

Anonymous said...

by the way, thanks for the info on the update, i have an older copy...will get a new one, and can even recommend it more to people

someone has a website on her book, i think it was a former student..not sure, that alone is good info, too - nope , that's wrong but

here it is, and i think you can read some chapters online if you look around, maybe on amazon

i always like or for codes for

or for and

there's also and

this is where i got my supplements mentioned in marilyn shannon's book in past years

they say they are pro-life / pro-family


i think you are as fruitful as a grove of fruit trees :)

Anonymous said...

Professional pre-natal formula

Anonymous said...

ooh, did you see this? at first i thought it was kimberly hahn but i don't think so

Anonymous said...

it seems like and amazon have the 2nd edition, which must be the one i have, but there is a 3rd edition out there....somewhere!

maybe on amazon but not on

Anonymous said...

i am really sorry to post again, but there seems to be a 4th edition, and i am really sorry if you put this in your original post!

Anonymous said...

ok, i am trying not to call myself a moron! lol, not only did you post the info, but you have the button for the book on the o.p.

if you click through to the site, they have the supplements she recomments, the opt-vite, i don't know if they have the pre-natal

sorry for being so confused, lol

My Endo Journey said...

Thanks for the book recs!!!!

Jamie said...

Yes, Maria I think a book contest is a great idea!

I have not heard of the book, but it sounds great! Post the little add for it on your sidebar, that will help spread the word.

I think you are so full of life and fertile in so many other ways than getting pregnant. You are rich in virtue and full of love and life.

Thank you so very much for your wonderful prayers, they are much appreciated.

God bless, I continue to pray for you also.