Saturday, November 28, 2009

Diet-Free, Guilt-Free Weight Loss? YES!

I just finished this book and loved it! It is a health novel, an inspiring story of diet-free, guilt-free weight loss written by Nutritionist Zonya Foca, America's Nutrition Leader and Stephen Moss, America's Health Novelist. Here's what it says on the back of the book:

"Introducing A New Genre: The Health Novel!"

"60 Extra pounds. An Unhappy marriage. Food for comfort. Karen's life is falling apart. Then she meets an unlikely neighbor who reveals how a series of simple choices have the power to shape the life we have - into the life we want."

"Karen's story of weight loss and personal transformation will touch your heart and open your eyes! It will reveal how eight powerful, core habits, when mastered one at a time, create an invisible force that will literally-change your life."

"What do you get when you cross a nutritionist with a novelist? A health novel! Where nutrition, health and weight-loss information are woven into the story. Each challenge the characters face not only teaches you what to do - it inspires you to actually do it."

"Zonya Foco, America's Nutrition Leader, and Stephen Moss, America's Health Novelist, have joined forces to create this exciting new genre. Stephen's compelling story will keep you turning the pages while Zonya's surprisingly simple approach to mastering weight control is revealed."

"You'll discover that this is not another fad diet book. In fact, it's not a diet book at all. There is no diet mentality. Nothing to calculate. And never a reason to feel guilty!"

Take my word for it, this book is sooooo good! I read it in only a few days. I couldn't put it down! It teaches you how to eat well, gain health, and lose weight. You will LOVE this book, learn a LOT about proper nutrition, and lose weight too. I highly recommend it.

If you buy this book and read it, let me know what you thought about it, and your success stories. I am planning on putting the eight habits into practice. I am hoping to have a success story of my own based on this book soon! Let's pray and encourage each other!

This is Zonya Falco's counter-top coach Cookbook! This cookbook and many of the recipes are mentioned in the book "Water With Lemon." You're mouth will water reading about them! Yum!

"Did you know that Lickety-Split Meals can help you lose weight, control your diabetes, lower your cholesterol AND save you five hours a week?
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"Try one of the many easy, delicious and nutritous recipes from Lickety-Split Meals!"

Zonya Falco's counter-top coach cookbook for those who have Diabetes or a loved one with Diabetes.

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