Monday, January 11, 2010

Are salon shampoos better than the cheaper ones? Discuss!

What is your favorite shampoo and conditioner? Why?

Do you think the salon shampoos are better than the cheaper ones?

Or are the cheaper shampoos just as good (or even better) than the ones you can buy in a salon?

I will be looking forward to reading your answers!



JellyBelly said...

I do have to admit that I'm pretty vain about my hair. I use A.veda shampoo and conditioner on my hair and I definitely notice a difference when I use cheaper drug store brands. I buy one litre bottles of shampoo and conditioner about once a year and I never regret the money that I spend! I always get compliments about my hair, so I guess it's worth it!

Praying for Hope said...

I like Sauve's knock-offs. I'm frugal, they're wallet friendly and they work perfectly well for me.

Jamie Jo said...

I have several cousins who are beauticians, (I think they are called "stylists" now) and they say that VO5 is the off the counter shampoo that is most closest to the salon stuff, and it's cheap!

I can't afford the salon stuff, but it is nice. I can tell a difference. We buy Suave for the kiddos (they use a ton) and I buy Sam's Club Fruitis and one other one, can't think right now what it is!

Fun topic!

Sew said...

Great topic!

I buy liters when they are 1/2 off at Se.cret. So I buy 2 liters for $25.

They last about a year. When I buy grocery store brand, even though I buy them every other month, it still is more then if I just buy the liters.

Plus I'm in love with Redken. I can notice the difference, especially the build up on my scalk with the grocery store brand.

So it's cheaper for me to buy the salon stuff and I LOVE IT!

Jamie Jo said...

I came back here to leave a comment letting you know I'm praying for you every time I think of you and all you are going through, but the post was gone...Please know of my continued prayers.

deirdre said...

i hate to be mean, but in heaven's name, why are you drinking sugar and soda? wow

sugar makes you feel better - sure - people almost get addicted to it, because the high blood sugar makes you feel good, the low crash make you feel - low!

i am truly sorry to see that you are drinking soda...i thought you had read enough stuff to know how it affects your hormones?

why not cut down on it to the point of getting it out of your diet

it adds calories, affect hormones, esp estrogen, if you really want to drink it, then wait until you know you're in menopause

i thought i had hot flashes last week, and the first think i did was cut back on sugar....and take vitamin e

i think it was stress, they haven't continued, but read about sugar and your hormones...there's a great pcos site...

dr phil's wife robin says she looks so great b/c she long ago gave up sugar (and does work out)

i have a sweet tooth , too. but do you really know how MUCH sugar there is in soda?! bad...and chemicals bad for the liver and kidneys and colorings....

i don't even drink diet soda...

and i avoid most fruit drinks....

i skipped two periods last year, and i loved it! (i have endo, and have had surgery)

but the first one, of my life, freaked me out...

weirdly, i pretty much stayed on a schedule....

and i do use progesterone, b/c of heavy bleeding (it helps!)

good luck, but i have prayed for you to have a child - please do your part by kicking sugar, at least for some time - to see if it works! :)

God bless you, and i offer things up for the unborn

(i have spent way too much on my hair over the years, but one thing that's working for me is head and shoulders :) then i use john frieda volumizer spray and ojon leave in treatment or something...i liked redken and all kinds of expensive shampoos , but also some of the suave....i used to be almost a shampoo addict!)

deirdre said...

don't cry :( do you realize sarah palin had her last child about your age? many women get pregnant at your age or past and they don't know it...they skip a period and don't realize it...i'm not saying that's happening now...just hang in there

how is the doctor testing you?

many docs test tesoterone and hormones, and blood sugar

if i were you, testing is nice, but i'd follow the pcos diet and see if you have results

i think you will!

i went through this, do i have pcos, do i not - i just act like i do, and try to follow the info

your progesterone use might affect your hormone levels, keep that in mind

have you read mary shomon's site about thyroid?

this also,

they have a great newsletter, and i follow their diet and supplement recc's

hang in there girl! you're young....

if i were in your predicament, and even considering adoption (i'm not married, and am dealing with some endo related issues), i'd go to the pro life groups and be at prayerful presences - i've heard stories of people adopting that way

you might also read about xenoestrogens, esp at a site like endo101 dot com, i think there's also one for pcos dot com???

deirdre said...

one more thing! don't you see that the caffeine and sugar are causing some of your anxiety? maybe you're even punishing yourself? stop! things are in God's hands, if you keep the pepsi out of yours :)

when i missed my first period last year, i read up on a lot of this stuff - even perimenopause is not really premenopause or some such thing....

when you're anxcious, go for a little walk, or say the rosary, or the chaplet...

cut down on the pepsi, don't cut it out all at one time

i learned to love the right herbal teas, decaf coffee, water!!!!, and seltzer

i also took supplements for my liver and kidneys to help detox from the sodas and chemicals and pain killers for endo...

read about fiber, water, protein, and how estrogen is processed through the liver...

LifeHopes said...

No matter which kind I try, it seems my hair always ends up dull and flat if I don't switch it up periodically. So I basically do the rounds between pantene, herbal essences, and aussie.

I also am constantly switching up the conditioner. It seems to help a lot. I think the same kind of shampoo begins to build-up over time, no matter what you use. Just my thoughts!

prayerfuljourney said...

Hi there...I just wanted to let you know that I changed my blog address too: I was messing around with my blog and figured out how I could do that not realizing my friends couldn't access my blog now. LOL!

monica said...

Hi! I replied to you on my blog, just wanted to make sure you got it. Also you can email me at monicalovesherboys AT

Thank you!!! Looking forward to hearing from you.

SBCE said...

Thannks for all the replies, everybody. My hair is a disaster. Any suggestions to get it fixed are most welcome!