Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do you want to lose weight without dieting and help balance your hormones?

Yes, it is possible! Yes, you CAN do it!

I have three books that can help you!

I have read these books, love them, and plan to put what I have learned from the books into action starting this Monday, March 8th 2010!

Would you like to join me? Maybe we can help, pray for, and encourage each other?

What do you think?

Here are the three books I recommend:

This book was written in a novel format by Zonya Foco, who is a nutritionist. The main character in the book is named Karen who is a new Mom, wife, and overweight. She is tired of being overweight and wants to learn how to lose weight, but thinks she has to eat rabbit food and go on a diet. WRONG! One day she meets her neighbors who have lost weight, teaches her how to eat right, and lose weight without dieting. It is a wonderful book! I know you will enjoy it!

This is the cook book which goes along with the book featuring easy to make low calorie delicious meals for the whole family :

And for all of us who are suffering from fertility problems out there and wants to learn how to naturally improve their hormone levels to be able to lose weight, be healthy (and if it is God's will, be able to conceive!)this is one of my favorite books:

If anybody would like to join me on Monday, March 6th 2010, please let me know! Like I said before, I will need many prayers, encouragement, and support! Thank you so much!

You are all in my thoughts and prayers!

May God Bless you all!

Maria :)


prayerfuljourney said...

Nice to hear from you again!!! Good luck on your diet...I too, need to lose weight and be goal would be to have pounds gone before my 40th bday this summer. So....I'm with you!! Many blessings.

Jasmine GLE said...

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deirdre said...

ann louise gittleman has such great info on her site, and in her books

please look into them

i wanted to pass thison to anyone who might be looking to adopt - perhaps getting in touch with this organization, especially if they are near you, might be able to connect you with people who need help

it's a thought

God bless, and thanks as always for the good words about the Rosary

God be with you

deirdre said...

i am not so sure the link works out well, remove the spaces and then you would be ok

barbie said...

Master your Metabolisim is a GREAT book, fabulous..............

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