Saturday, May 8, 2010

Do you suffer from Endometriosis and have painful cycles? Drink Calli Tea! No more pain!

Ladies, I have news for you!

Like so many of you with endometriosis, I usually suffer from pretty severe cramps during my cycle and have to take prescription pain killers. Well, guess what? Not anymore! I found something that works better than Midol, Advil, and prescription pain killers! It's called Calli Tea and it's made by a company called Sunrider.

Calli Tea is a herbal and green tea. You make a pot of tea with this stuff every day and sip it throughout the day. It really works! A couple of weeks before my cycle arrived, I had another strange spotting episode and was suffering from cramps and funny twinges in my ahem, lady parts all week. Well, Dr. Karen Dees recommended the Calli tea to me, I bought a month supply from Dr. Dees who sells it, and no more cramps, pain, or inflammation. I can't believe it! This is most pain free cycle I've ever had! This stuff is a God-send! I LOVE this stuff!

If you would like to learn more about Calli Tea, please check out this link!

Click here to learn more about Calli Tea!

It is such a relief not to have to keep popping pain relievers several times a day every day of my cycle and continue to cause my liver enzymes to go up (I keep having to go back to my doctor's office to take blood tests to check my liver! My next appointment for a blood test is in June!)! Now I can drink something that is actually good for me and helps fight inflammation and pain - Calli Tea!

May God Bless you!



prayerfuljourney said...

Wow! That is great that you found something that works for you. I'll have to check it out myself. Thanks for the info.

Mountain Girl said...

Hi Maria, I read a comment that you had made on someone else's blog. I am almost 47, been married 5.5 years. No luck getting pregnant. And at my age, there are no docs willing to "help." I am also in education which makes it even harder because everyday I am around children, and not one of them call me mom. I don't really know what to say except that I feel your sorrow and hurt - from my own experiences.

Julie Fier said...

Maria Therese,
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I have suffered great physical pain from endometriosis for over 12 years and am probably going to have a hysterectomy in the next year or so because it has gotten so bad. My older sister had to have a hysterectomy at age 27, so I am thankful that I am already in my 30's.
My husband and I have always wanted to adopt to grow our family. We have been married over 9 years and have come across many obstacles (job, house, money, failed adoption) that have delayed us being able to adopt. This past winter we were led to foster adoption through the state and got certified. Within a week of getting certified, God led us another direction. Pleas read my blog to find out all the details.

In Christ,