Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Key To Fighting Endometriosis Is By Eating Lots Of Anti-Inflammatory Foods!

Yesterday during my lunch hour at work I listened to Dr. Karen Dees, a Nutritionist who gave a telephone conference at Clayton College of Natural Health where she is on Faculty. Dr. Dees was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of sixteen, endured nineteen surgeries, and finally a hysterectomy (But she didn't let that stop her from being able to become a Mom! She and her husband adopted three children from Korea!). Also I wanted to mention, after learning about the connection between eating a good diet after having surgery from a herbal doctor in Japan, Dr. Dees did NOT need to have any more surgeries. Her endometriosis went into remission!

Dr. Dees stresses eating anti-flammatory foods like onions, garlic, avocados, green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains. The goal is to build the immune system and build the Endocrine System.

While listening to her chat yesterday, I had a couple of break throughs:

1) Wait a minute, I have been diagnosed with several inflammatory diseases:

Endometriosis stage four
Sebborheic Dermatitis (scalp)
Moderate Persistant Asthma

2) Maybe if I start eating better, build up my immune system, and build up my Endocrine System (which is pretty bad because I've been having very painful cramps again, suffered from another one day spotting episode a week ago and then two days of brown bleeding, and ever since then I've been having cramps and funny twinges down there! I asked Dr. Dees about this and she told me that having spotting and brown bleeding is common with endometriosis. Whew!)everything will start working better and then maybe, maybe we will be able to conceive (It would be a Miracle from God!).

My progress so far (two weeks):

1) I am no longer drinking any soda.
2) I am drinking more water with lemon
3) I am drinking more herbal teas
4) I am walking home more from work (about a mile and 1/4th)

Dr. Dees has a wonderful and very informative article on her website.

Check it out by clicking here!

Special thanks to my sister in law's cousin who was a student at Clayton and sent me this article, which led to me being introduced to Dr. Dees website.

Ladies with endometriosis, other endocrine disorders, and other inflammatory diseases, there is HELP and EXCELLENT information out there! We NO LONGER have to suffer!

And a special thanks to Dr. Karen Dees! Lady, I think you're WONDERFUL!

I will write more posts on this subject, Dr. Dees, and what I have learned so far soon! My hope and prayer is to be able to help others with endometriosis, other endocrine disorders, other inflammatory diseases, and others who are suffering. In the meantime, you are all in my thoughts and prayers!

May God Bless us all.

Maria :)


The Apostolate of Hannah's Tears said...

That is GREAT Maria!

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My e-mail address is under my profile. Send me an e-mail so I can write you back. I don't like to comment on medical things over the internet.

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Wow...that is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.