Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Do you suffer from endometriosis and infertility like me? Please meet my dear friend Melissa!

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A bit about Melissa from her blog:

About Me

Hi, my name is Melissa. Welcome to my blog site.

I have created this site to share my personal discoveries for natural healing for Endometriosis and hopefully help you to find alternative methods of healing, for yourself. I want to open your eyes to the true potential of being pain free and eventually Endo free. I am 90% pain free since writing this, with only minimal pain at “that time of the month”

I have been a sufferer of Endometriosis for over 15years and felt compelled to write my findings down in this blog. When I started out on my personal healing journey, I had no idea who to trust and what methods would work. I was keen to try everything and anything to make the pain and long-term prospects of having a hysterectomy go away. My endometriosis was a stage 4, which basically meant the endo had found it’s way right up into the fallopian tubes, reducing my chances of babies dramatically! My first operation was at 19years of age….

My struggle began and the techniques used to “keep the condition under control” were often worse for me. I was given all sorts of hormonal treatments, 7 operations and countless different drugs and medicines to help cure the pain and side-effects I was feeling. Most of them didn’t work. I landed up with more agony from the side-effects than actually feeling better.

I had little left to try and with hospital bills mounting, I looked at alternative methods of healing. Luckily I have discovered Tradtional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and various other natural methods which combined together have allowed me to reduce my symptoms and pain. My goal is to be Endo free and CURE Endometriosis completely.

I have written my full life story with Endo for you, if you scroll down a little further, you can read the whole thing :)

I would like others to join me on this quest and show other woman with Endometriosis that Curing Endometriosis is possible! This blog is here to do that! If you have lost hope of finding hope with finding a cure, I hope this site opens your eyes to a different method of healing.

There are so many of us out there with Endo and many of us who have chosen to use alternative methods to deal with Endo. Lets share it all so others can benefit and save themselves years of pain and horrible side-effects. This is me and one of my favourite wild foods – Dandelion! (I know… a little cookeee!).

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Best of health,


My 2 cents and recommendation:

Thanks to what I have learned from Melissa, her kindness, and encouragement, my health has improved, I've lost 25 pounds, my asthma has drastically improved, and my cycles are no longer painful! I own and highly recommend all of Melissa's e-books and products! She is one of the most caring people I know!

Hope this helps my fellow endometriosis sisters and sufferers!

May God Bless you!


Melissa said...

Thank you hun! That is super sweet. :)

Melissa said...

Hugs sweetheart. You are a dear friend to me too :)