Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our 1st visit with the napro technology doctor on 8/1

Sorry, it's taken me so long to post, but there was so much information to digest from our 1st visit with the new doctor. My apologies to our visitors. Please forgive me?

So here's what happened on Aug. 1st when Ed and I visited the new napro technology doctor. Our visit with him went very well. The doctor was very kind. He took time to sit down with us and patiently explain everything to us. Before my visit I wrote out a list of questions and this doctor sat down with a pen and wrote out the answers to my questions for me. Wow, 1) I never had a doctor sit down with me and take a couple of hours to talk with me, and explain everything to me or 2) Sit down, read my list of questions and write the answers out for me.

This new doctor basically explained that endometriosis is basically an auto immune disease. He told me that my t-cells aren't telling the macrophages what to do (The way I described it to my Mom is that the t-cells are the police offices, but my t-cells are not doing any enforcing. Instead my t-cells are acting like they are on break at the local "Dunkin Donuts" and letting the macrophages go wild in the mean time!). To help kick the t-cells into action to do the job they are supposed to do, this new doctor prescribed for me a new medicine called "Naltrexone" (They actually call it "Low Dose Naltrexone". I am supposed to take this new medicine at night right before bedtime. I've been taking this medicine for almost a month now and hopefully it's working.

The new doctor also told me that basically the doctor who did my surgery February 2008 did not do a very good job. It is obvious that I'm still suffering from the endometriosis because my periods are still pretty painful. This new doctor told me that I probably need more surgery and recommended a specialist in endometriosis in Mass for us to go see. The new doctor warned me though that this specialist might balk at doing more surgery since I just had surgery in February. The new doctor told me we might have to talk him into it by reminding the specialist that if we were blessed with a pregnancy that I'm in danger of an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage due to the endometriosis.

This new doctor studied my eight month worth of Creighton charts and told me that even with severe endometriosis, my charts were pretty good. That made me feel pretty good. He did measure my height (four feet eleven and a half) and my weight. He recommended me to lose some weight and follow "The Fertility Diet" based on the the Nurses's Health Study. He told me that in order to feel better, cut down on the pain from the endometriosis, and increase my chances of being able to become pregnant I needed to 1) Lose weight 2) Decrease my BMI 3)Cut down on meats, dairy, pasta, and rice 3)increase my intake of fruits and vegetables 4)exercise more to increase my endorphins, which will help with the pain 5)take certain vitamins 6)Drink water. He told me no more drinking pepsi or coke or water from plastic bottles. He recommended I drink water from the tap and only drink it in glasses, not anything plastic due to the chemicals in the plastic, which can affect our hormones.

So since August 1st I haven't been drinking any more soda, I've been trying to limit my intake of meat, dairy, pasta, and rice, and increase my intake of fruit and vegetables. I think I've been doing pretty good sticking to this new doctor, but I did have a few sugary desserts when I visited my cousin last Friday. However I went right back to my new way of eating the next day. I have managed to lose about eight pounds so far. I find that I'm wheezing less from the asthma and I have more energy now, which is really nice.

The next step will be having some blood work done next cycle to see where my hormones are at and having the results sent to this new doctor. Ed also needs to be tested and his results sent to the same place. Our next appointment with this new doctor is Friday, October 3rd.

I'm really pleased with this new doctor especially that he doesn't try to prescribe me birth control pills or lupron to control the endometriosis, which I hear the secular doctors like to do. I feel like this new doctor really understood what endometriosis is, how to treat it, try to make me feel better, and deal with the infertility. I feel like we have some hope in treating this auto immune disease as well as the infertility, and maybe, just maybe (if it's God's will) we have a chance of being blessed with a child!

May I please ask for prayers that 1) I will continue to do well on this new diet 2) we will recieve a good report on both Ed and my tests next cycle 3) we will be blessed with a child (if it's God's will for us)?

Thank you so much!

May God Bless you all.