Tuesday, February 15, 2011

sensitive to gluten/wheat maybe?

I just read a very interesting post on another lovely Catholic lady's blog. This dear lady also suffers from endometriosis and infertility, just like I do. She wrote how the doctors she has visited tested her and her tests came out that she had strong sensitivities to dairy and wheat. What I found most interesting though was how this lady mentioned that she used an Aveeno skin care product with wheat in it and it caused her face to become very inflamed. This is very interesting to me because:

1) All my life I have been unable to use certain products on my skin. Some of these products had all natural ingrediants and caused my facial skin to become very red and irritated.

2) I was diagnosed in my twenties with sebborheic dermatitis on my scalp. I recently read in a book how sebborheic dermatitis could be caused by gluten sensitivity. When I read this, I remembered years ago how I used a conditioner using wheat protein in it, the next thing I knew my scalp started breaking out in pimples, and I developed an infection called folliculitis. I was told by my primary physician at the time and later the dermatologist, how this was caused by my hair follicles becoming clogged. I was recommended to start using dandruff shampoo (which never really worked for me) and not to use any conditioner. But now I'm wondering, hey could the root of this whole scalp problem really be a possible gluten allergy?

3) After making this discovery, I have been going through all my skin and hair products and giving away anything that lists wheat as an ingrediant.I have also been taking B complex vitamins. My scalp is now feeling a lot better.

I also ordered some wonderful vitamins from Vitacost.com which have caused my cycle to return to normal, cause a decrease in my cramps, and make me feel a lot happier and healthier! I still hope and pray to be able to become a Mother either naturally or through adoption. I am still praying every day for that intention. Could you PLEASE pray for this intention too? I NEED a LOT of prayers - a miracle! I know that God CAN do it if He wants to! I recently prayed the novena to Our Lady of Good Success and one of the evenings I prayed that novena I had a dream that my husband and I were adopting a little girl. Maybe God's will for my husband and I revealed in a dream? Could be. I did wake up the following morning feeling very happy about the dream. It is very rare for me to dream about fertility, pregnancy, babies, or adoption in my dreams. This was a very rare dream. (When I was single with no prospects in sight I used to have dreams sometimes that I was pregnant. Whenever I had those dreams, I would wake up feeling very relieved. Why? Because I think my secret fear was 1) I might never get married and 2) Once married, I would have some kind of fertility issue and be unable to get pregnant. And guess what? I was blessed with meeting the husband of my prayers, but my second fear did come true!).

More on these vitamins in the next post! Stay tuned!

May God Bless you!